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Free 90 minute webinar:

Embracing Uncertainty~ Opening to Infinite Possibility

with Michael Stone and Mel Schwartz

Wednesday, February 21, 5pm Pacific

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Create Don't Wait, Free Online Event with Marcelle Voomz

starting February 21

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Alchemical Healing Level I

Friday March 16 5:30-9PM, Saturday, March 17th 9:30AM-6PM, and Sunday, March 18th 9:30-4

The Mystical Moon
Bonita Springs, Florida

For details and to register, call The Mystical Moon, (239) 301-0655

Alchemical Healing Video Teleclass with Nicki Scully

Level I: September 7, 11, 14, 18
Level II: September 28, October 2, 5, 12
Level III November 6, 9, 13, 16
5:30 - 7:30 pm Pacific Time

This fall I will be teaching all three levels of Alchemical Healing in four sessions each via Zoom video/telecast, via web or phone.

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Sekhmet: Transformation In the Belly of the Goddess Video Teleclass with Nicki Scully

January 22, 25, 29, February 1, 5, and 8, 5:30pm Pacific (8:30pm Eastern)

You are invited to drink deeply of the nectar of the Goddess, and awaken to renewed life! Sekhmet’s name means Power, the Mighty One. She is the feminine face of the sun, the Lady of Flame. During this time of planetary peril, she is calling for recognition and wishes to empower all who respond to her call. Known to all traditions, her myths and legends are as old as time. Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of both destruction and healing is the feminine fire that transforms; she is also the quintessential compassionate healer. Sekhmet’s name is resounding from the lips of men and women who are actively reclaiming their power.

If you're interested, please register, there are a number of signups already.

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Free Alchemical and Planetary Healing Call to Action

with Nicki Scully and Michael Stone

Saturday, April 8 at 9AM

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Achemical Healing Levels I & 2

tele/web seminar
with Nicki Scully

Level I: Tuesdays, April 11, 18, 25, and May 2
Level II: Tuesdays, May 9, 16, 23, 30
5:30 - 7:30 Pacific Time

I am offering this complete Alchemical Healing course by phone so that those who can't find a teacher in their area, or can't come to my yearly intensive retreat have an opportunity to study Alchemical Healing with me. Each evening will include empowerments, demonstrations, and discussions. This is a powerful and economical way to support your own study of the book, and learn techniques of Alchemical Healing utilizing the latest in conference phone technology, and from the comfort of your home.

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Current Trips to Egypt:

Egypt—Off the Beaten Path: Through the Layers of Time

With Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov

February 22 - March 7, 2018

Sold Out: Waiting List Only

Join Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov on this special journey to Egypt, where we will go Off the Beaten Path and Through the Layers of Time. We will visit some of our favorite places, where the gods and goddesses can still be so strongly felt, and we will also travel to some places that many travelers have never been before.

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An Egyptian Mysteries Pilgrimage: The Wisdom of the Neteru

With Debbie Clarkin and Indigo Rønlov

March 9 – 22, 2018

Debbie Clarkin and Indigo Rønlov are delighted to share with the you this special Egyptian Mysteries pilgrimage. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to connect with the spirit of Ancient Egypt and the Wisdom of the Neteru.

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Walking with Ma’at and Thoth

with Indigo Rønlov and Sandy Corcoran

September 11-24, 2018

Sandy Corcoran and Indigo Rønlov are delighted to offer this exceptional Egyptian Mysteries pilgrimage, to connect you to the powers of the living spirits of this ancient land.

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The 30th Annual New England Women's Herbal Conference

Camp Wicosuta, New Hampshire, August 25-27

Nicki will be presenting three workshops at this annual gathering: An Alchemical Healing Intensive, Sekhmet and Medicine Buddha as Healing Allies and Blue Lotus, Joy and Laughter—Recipes for Healing Miracles. Note: the conference is sold out, but you can get on their waiting list…

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Shamanic Practices with Nicki Scully

Interviewed on New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

The Union of Isis and Thoth Book Events:

Virtual Book Launch

Wednesday, March 30, 4:30-6:30pm Pacific time

Join us for a free conference call where we will talk about our book, answer questions, give readings, and take you on at least one initiatory journey. We will also give a party favor to each person who comes to our party—a private link to a recording of a hymnal with the hymns and invocations that she and I wrote for our book. Please join us for a casual, joyful and informative evening.

Online Registration

The new book now available on Hathor's Mirror!

You can register here for any of our Egypt trips, or get more information, along with a general itinerary here.

New Book available now!

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The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt
by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

In this initiatic guide to temple building on the spiritual and physical planes, Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully explain how to create a communal spiritual structure for connecting with the ancient Egyptian pantheon as well as how to consecrate yourself and become a vessel suitable for divine wisdom and a home for your personal gods.

Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive
Seven Day Retreat

With Nicki Scully and Indigo Rønlov

August 1 - 8
Eugene, Oregon

This year I am excited to offer a seven-day Alchemical and Planetary Healing Intensive retreat seminar. We have decided to consolidate the learning process in order to make it more accessible and with less travel required. The processes in our latest book Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation were initially created to expand the scope of Alchemical Healing beyond one-on-one healing to a larger scale, where it can affect groups and situations such as environmental degradation, diseases, conflicts and disasters.

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19th Annual Egyptian Mysteries Retreat & Workshop

With Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

Part 1: Hillsboro (west of Portland, OR): Sunday August 21
Part 2: Eugene: Monday - Friday, August 22-26

Normandi and I are doing our Egyptian Mystery School retreat differently this year. The first part will be the consecration of an Egyptian Star Temple in Hillsboro on August 21st, followed by a retreat at my home/center/ temple in Eugene from Monday, August 22th to Friday, August 26th.

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Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation by Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert

  1. "The brilliant shamanic journeys in these pages connect the reader with the courage, compassion, and creativity so needed to birth a new world that works for us all."
    ~ Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

The book includes a guided journey and music CD.

Visit the new website, read and hear excerpts from the book and CD.

Becoming an Oracle, Connectiong to the Divine Source for Information and Healing by Nicki Scully

Listen to the podcast:
Introduction to Becoming an Oracle Teleclass
with Nicki Scully and Gloria Taylor Brown (click here)

The Anubis Oracle by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf, with illustrations by Kris Waldherr

Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by Nicki Scully and Linda Star WolfShamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart

This fresh interpretation of the ancient Egyptian mysteries unites the heart and mind to help us remember our true nature as divine humans with sacred purpose. It guides readers through shamanic portals of death, rebirth, and illumination and gives us powerful tools for transformation. There are rituals, meditations, and rites of passage to help us meet our personal and planetary challenges with more grace, wisdom, and love. This is a book to be experienced as well as read. Please visit our online shop for all of Nicki's books, CD's and DVD's.

Read an excerpt from the book…

Star Wolf and Nicki were recently interviewed on Listen to the interview and read the book review. An excerpt from the first chapter and also the Glossary of the Gods can be found on on our articles page.

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Alchemical Healing Podcasts and Video plus Radio Interviews with Nicki Scully

Experience Alchemical Healing in action through our acclaimed Phone Bridge for Healing Cancer available as audio programs on our Podcast Page. Also, Video interviews with Nicki from YouTube, including a powerful Caduceus Empowerment from Nicki's book, Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine. Stay tuned for more Alchemical Healing media as we post a continuing series of empowerments and guided inner journeys for healing and personal transformation.

Nicki has been interviewed on numerous radio shows, and we are in the process of providing access to a complete selection of recorded broadcasts. Check our Radio Interviews page.

Cover art for Alchemical Healing, a Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine

The Caduceus Empowerment

excerpted from Nicki's book, Alchemical Healing.

The current of intelligence that is flowing onto the planet at this time is informing us in many new ways, and providing diverse tools to help us to adapt and evolve more consciously. New healing forms and techniques abound, and each attracts those who are ready to implement them in their own unique ways. As I reflect on the potent tools that have come through Alchemical Healing over the past decade, the Caduceus Empowerment stands out as the single most comprehensive initiation/meditation/empowerment/practice that I have had the privilege of transmitting to the people who work with me. It opens all the energy circuits and establishes ongoing access to the infinite Universal Life Force Energy. It cleans, clears, and opens all the chakra centers. It opens the eyes in the palms of your hands as well as the third eye. It balances the energies of Earth and Sky, Above and Below, and masculine and feminine. And there's more…

Featured Shamanic Journeys Products

Cover art for Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys With Your Spirit Allies by Nicki Scully

Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys With Your Spirit Allies by Nicki Scully

Nicki takes you into the spirit world of sacred totems and animal teachings from many cultures. Each of the 50 journeys in this book is exquisitely illustrated by Angela Werneke, the award-winning illustrator of Medicine Cards.

Cover art for And You Will Fly! CD

…And You Will Fly!: An Animal Circus Adventure

This children's story CD was created as a giveaway to kids facing life-threatening and terminal illness.These CDs are provided free to the children and caregivers of these children, and to centers and hospitals where the children are being cared for. Please let us know where this CD is needed, and it will be sent out right away. All proceeds from the sale of this CD will enable us to produce and give away more free ones. Please see our website for more information about this wonderful project.

“I am sorry about the delay in thanking you for his wonderful CD! Addison LOVES it and it made my heart so full watching his face as he listens to it. He loves to act it out in his room - at night, its his goodnight story. I really appreciate your generosity and loved hearing about your cousin. You have made a family very happy with your donation. Please let me know if you do any more of these story cd's as they are wonderfully creative.”

Sarah and Addison Kleinhans
FB group: Help Addison Kick This Thing

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